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  • This tape is too hot to watch with all your friends…you're gonna want to enjoy it all by yourself.  I mean, really.  These are Britney's breasts we're talking about here.  Nobody's ever captured these mouthwatering melons on tape... and Anna's sucking Britney's beautiful bouncin' boobs like she's thirsty for milk after a sweaty match. You gotta buy this right now, just to see those bodacious ta-tas!!!
  • You would never think these squeaky clean superstars could get so dirty!!!
  • You won't believe how many fingers Anna gets in Britney's tight ass...and she keeps begging for more!!!
  • See first hand footage of Britney licking Anna's pussy till she covers Britney's face with wet glistening girl juice.
  • Find out the real reason why Justin and Brit broke up. To think, we just figured he was gay, but I guess he just couldn't satisfy her, the way she needed to be.







( The Globe has confirmed it! So now it has to be true, after all it is the Globe!!!)




The Kevin and Bean Show - "It really doesn't get any better then this video!" 106.7 KROQ, Los Angeles CA.

The Frank Whalen Show - "Wow! This footage is a voyeuristic dream! Finally the truth about britney's implants has been revealed! The bonus footage is incredible! Needless to say, I'll never look at a tennis racket the same way again!" 104.9 The X, Little Rock AR.

Gonzo Greg and The Big Dumb Show - "This is what people has been waiting for, this film could change America as we know it" 103.3 WRZX, Indianapolis IN.

Malloy And The Morning X - "The Damn phones won't stop ringin! Enough already!" 103.9 New Rock, Dayton OH.

The Mikey Show - "Everyone is going have to get this video!" The guy that created this site should be the next Bill Gates!" 105.3 KEGL, Dallas- 92 KSJO, San Francisco-San Jose and 105.3 KIOZ, San Diego CA.

The Whip and Vince Show - "I wonder if Anna likes Bratwurst?" 103.9 The Edge, Phoenix AZ.

The Daily Journal - "...original, innovating, and out and out hilarious. This is the best adult video I have seen in years!" Robert Sizemore

The Bob and Mark Show - "Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I can't wait for their next film!" 100.5 The Fox, Anchorage- 104.7 The Edge, Fairbanks AK.

The Morning Max Show -
"....After watching the tape with the staff, none of the guys could get up

to walk the halls for an hour!" 103.0 Z-Rock, Lexington KY.

The Morning After With Corey - "Whether you believe this or not, your still going to wanna whack off to this great site!" 92.7 The Fly, Wchita KS.

ApeChild.com - "Britney clearly appears to be the porn veteran of the two, while Anna is slightly less animated. Maybe it was the repressive Soviet upbringing in her!"

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"Thanks guys for making my biggest fantasy come true!" - Brian, New York

"I honestly didn't think the video would be as good as the site but I was wrong. It was amazing!" - Todd, Oregon

"This is the first adult video I think I have ever enjoyed and my boyfriend seems to like it too!" - Jenny, California

"It was everything I prayed for!" - Stephen, Arizona

"I was never a really Britney fan until I saw this video!" - Laura, Ohio

"My friend gave it to me as a Birthday Present and when we watched it, he so was pissed that he had to give it to me that I had to order one him for his birthday!" - Eric, Maine

"Some wanker stole my DVD, could you be so kind and send me another." Clive, UK

"I have never written to a company after I watched a porn tape but I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this movie. It's my favorite whacking video of all time!" - Fernando, Florida

"This DVD rocks! Can you get Britney and Anna to come play tennis in my bedroom?" - Chad, Texas








"Mommy says I'm a bad girl for having lesbian sex with such a slut."


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