This first set of thumbnails you are about to see involves REAL FANS of Britney and Anna. They are not actors (which, when you see the video will be quite apparent!) They loved this video so much that they contacted us and said they wanted to film themselves introducing Britney Does Anna for all our audience to see. We said "what the hell!" So we sent them some specs on how they should shoot it. Then they sent us back a filmed reenactment of the day they got their tape in the mail. I guess they like to play tennis too. But they use their pro racket for other things besides hitting balls! You will not believe the crazy stuff they do, just to get on this video! Here is just a small tasty sample of what you will get to see in BRITNEY DOES ANNA!


When asked if Britney had ever cheated on him, his reply was:

"She did something bad, something very very bad!"

- Justin Timberlake


This footage involves my friend’s younger sister and her best friend having lesbian sex. This was shot on the last night they spent together before they left for separate colleges. Neither one of them had ever been with another girl. But they once made a pact with each other, that before they left for school and ventured out on their own, that they would be together in this special way. Knowing this may be the very last time they would see one another, they wanted to film it so it would be captured forever in time. This is one of the very rare sex scenes, which you the viewer, will have
the chance to witness a truly tender moment from two girls who really love each other.



"I think the only thing that could help Britney's career, at this point, is this video!"

-Simon Cowell (American idol)

"The Hottest Girl On The Net!!!!!!"


So not only do you get the most amazing Celebrity Sex ever caught on tape but now you will also get two more scenes of real, hot and sticky lesbian action!!!


I Like it like that!!!>