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The Official Britney and Anna Sex Tape DVD
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"I don't know why they pay me to play funny game, I no good!"

"So, do you still love me, even though I like pussy sometimes?"

"I couldn't help myself, she is so sexy and she tastes sooo sweet!"

" My loneliness ain't killing more!"



(We have to say this stuff in order to sell this to the public)

All models are 18 years of age or older. Proof of age can be found on file at the company. Adult material is contained in this tape and therefore sale to or viewing by minors is prohibited. The similarity to actual persons living or dead, is intended for entertainment purposes only. The fakes pictured on the slide show page is the result of digital manipulation, a composite of two or more individual's heads and body parts. (The slide show itself has not been manipulated) The fakes are not actual photos of the persons depicted. They are a artistic parody. An artistic parody is currently protected under the US Constitution. Also the creators would like to state for the record that while there may be a possibility that there are two Britney's in the world, we just pray that we got the good one and not her shifty evil twin. We also tried to work in the famous "Oops, I did it again" phrase somewhere on the site but could not do so. We apologize for not trying harder.

With all that said, enjoy the film.

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