From what we can gather, Britney wanted to take tennis lessons from Anna. Her manager called up Anna's trainer and found out they were both going to be in L.A. at the same time, so the manager arranged for a rendezvous. After numerous abortive attempts at trying to improve Britney's backhand, flailing forehand, and then her fashion sense, they went back to Britney's hotel room to get changed. One thing, as they say, led to another-- and as it turns out they were both game for another match-- in the bedroom!

This is the most incredible lesbian tryst ever caught on tape, anywhere. The clock is ticking-- get it now before "The Man" kicks down the door!!!



Our guy was friends with a dude who worked at a luxury hotel that Britney was staying at. Apparently, when he saw the pop star and the tennis star together, he called his buddy who had a DV camera and told him to haul ass down there to catch the two playing tennis together, figuring it would net some decent cash from one of the tabloids. Then camera dude cajoled his hotel friend into letting him into the penthouse suite with his key card after he got chased off by Britney's bodyguards. What he wanted was some nude shots of Britney but what the dude got was this incredible footage. Apparently the hotel and the stars' people came to an arrangement after the girls complained about the cameraman whom they discovered in their penthouse suite as he was making his getaway. They fired the hotel dude who had instigated it all-- but they didn't get the dude with the camera, or the film... we did. 

We're not bad dudes. We're not good dudes. We're just a bunch of real dudes who want to share something with you that the Man don't want you to see. 

Well, anyway we know where we got it. YOU will have to make your own judgments. All we can say is, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and tastes like a duck, sometimes it really is a fuckin' duck!


1. This tale of innocent erotica begins like so many others...on a sunny day in Hollywood.

2. Anna displays her fine form on the court while caressing Britney's fine form in love court.

3. A hard day of tennis and then back to a luxurious hotel with all the amenities: a bubble bath...a king size bed...privacy and security for endless possibilities.

4. But wait! Someone has intruded on Britney and Anna's private party. First a floor show for our foto friend.

5. Anna and Britney bare their souls to each other as they reveal those very things that they have kept hidden from so many others...their favorite fantasies, their deepest desires and, most of all, their tantalizing tits.

6. In the true spirit of global unity and sharing, East cums together with West as the camera captures what we have all been waiting for, the best pieces in our time!


- Pat O' Brian - From Access Hollywood


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