Now, what you are about to witness is truly one of the most profound moments ever caught on video. Never has anyone been able to photograph two superstars of this magnitude naked, together, until now...

You see, both Anna and Britney's people suspected there might have been a video made some time ago from their little "get together." But neither camp had any idea who had it or what had become of it. So, under the highest form of secrecy, the propaganda machine got ready to roll just in case the tape was released to the media. Nobody really knew what happened in that hotel room (except for Brit and Anna); their people just knew that no one else must ever find out. Confidentiality papers were signed by pretty much everyone that had heard even a whisper of this. But to everyone's surprise, it wasn't leaked. Nothing. Nothing on the 5 o'clock news, no headlines in the newspapers, and absolutely nothing on the Internet. It was like it had never happened.

How do we know all of this went down? Because that's the way it works. The publicity machines for these stars are far more powerful then one can comprehend-- but occasionally something slips through the industry's cracks. That's where we come in. We had the tape studied (extensively) and verified. It was amazing!!! Two of the hottest sex symbols of the 21st century having wild passionate lesbian sex!!!

So now what? Do we sell it to the big boys and make some mad cash? But who would trust them after the PENTHOUSE debacle? Plus, would they be able to show the good stuff or would the lawyers have the video tied up in court for years before anyone could even see one pink nipple? Instead, we have decided to do it this way, giving you, the viewer, the chance to buy this magnificent tape.

Throughout the ages, man has pondered again and again the greatest of all riddles, the ultimate burning question: "are Britney's breasts real?" Scholars, scientists, heads of state, super-smart monkeys , and indeed, even the common man have tried in vain to solve the shifting, jiggling, heaving puzzle of Britney's boobs. Yet we cannot forget her sister-in-fame (and cousin-in-cleavage) Anna. Now, here, for the first time ever, the answers can be seen -- in crisp, clear, full-color digital video!

We wish (oh, we SO wish) that we could tell you exactly how we came by this tape. We can certainly tell you how it was shot -- but it's our ass (and a friend of ours' as well) to tell you how we obtained the footage. All we can say is this isn't faked, it isn't cut, it isn't composited, and it isn't a put-on. Britney and Anna's secret is not so secret anymore!

As an old photo journalist once said "If it's not on film, it never happened."

Well, it IS and it DID!!!


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"But if you think I'm naughty, please go ahead and make your move." ; )


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